The Connection – We need each other – L’un pour l’autre


The Connection – We need each other
consists of two human sized figures in what appears to be a performance of a typical “arm to shoulder hold” line dance. However, the figures are not standing parallel to each other. On the contrary they are leaning one on the other at a precarious angle supported only by their “arm to shoulder grasp”.   They need each other.
This sculpture culminates a 50 year evolution in the blending of art and science.  It permits the artist to employ stone indigenous to Quebec to convey meaningful messages.  He works alone in an outdoor atelier twelve months of the year.

The Connection – We need each other in its present location on Cote Ste Catherine Road builds a bridge between the arts and the community at large.  It also conforms aesthetically with the structural features of the building bridging a gap between art and architecture.